Humanity? The meaning of life? Reality? It’s all here in these texts, yet often overlooked by their Hollywood adapters

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Why To Treat Lockdown 3.0 Like It Will Never End

Cadel loses time on Stage 17 of the 2002 Giro — photo

Contrary to the doom-mongering news coverage, three reasons to celebrate 2020 and welcome 2021

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You’re not being weak: you need to give yourself a break and accept some help

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“The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.”
― Robert Jordan, The Fires of Heaven

Why has the fight for gender equality stalled inside our heads (and at the box office)?

A large group of soldiers standing at attention
A large group of soldiers standing at attention
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Why we find ourselves incandescent with rage and how to beat it, with help from Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’

Pinicking at Box Hill, Image courtesy © BBC 2009 for MASTERPIECE

EM Forster’s seminal novella was already hailed as prescient…but now it’s downright freekin’ creepy

carolina moscoso, graphic artist based in brooklyn

A tsunami of coverage is dedicated to minute-by-minute COVID-19 updates but little is focusing on the longer-term effects of pandemic management. So I’ve had a go.

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The only way to move past them is to stare them down and win

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  • The businessperson scared of getting on a flight.
  • The mother or father anxious about going on holiday because…

Step 1: Stop sabotaging yourself and break the negative thought cycle

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“If you know a lot, it’s because you’re curious”, he says. “You have this impulse to know and, therefore, things stick…

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